Ron Hall's 

  Famous Final Cleaning

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                      Kentucky Office: (859) 331-1372                   


"Your construction cleaning solution"

IMG00021-20100921-1930 We at Ron Hall's Famous Final Cleaning pride ourselves with our business motto "Your construction cleaning solution".  We are proven problem solvers in the final cleaning business who have worked with large and small contractors alike.  Turner Construction,  Messer Construction,  and Monarch Construction are just a few of the contractors that you may recognize.  We have worked on several local and long distance projects such as Cincinnati Public schools,  the last three Xavier University projects,  The School for Creative and Performing Arts, and Aiken Highschool just to name a few.  Ron Hall's Famous Final Cleaning provides services in the tri-state area completing projects for NRP Contractors and Elford Construction in Columbus Ohio.  We are proud to have completed the Job and Family Services new office and administrations building in 2012.  We have completed several Dayton Ohio projects as well such as the Franklin-Monroe School and the Tissue Processing Center.  With completing new and renovated projects like Miami University,  Ohio State University,  and others its no wonder why we are the most sought after full service final cleaning company in the tri-state area.  We really do clean your building from the roof to the floor.  All of these buildings were cleaned from the outside windows to the ceiling to floor inside.  Give us a call today and let us perform our Famous Final Cleaning Service for you.